Success Stories

“This Place Is Magic”

Dana and Ryan C.

Dana and Ryan C. had abandoned hope of ever becoming parents after a decade of consulting fertility experts and undergoing expensive treatments to no avail. So when a friend recommended the Greenwich Fertility & IVF Center, Dana called hesitantly, expecting to find a long wait for an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist.

This Place is Magic

But within days, she and her husband were consulting with Barry Witt, MD, the center’s medical director, who encouraged them to consider in vitro fertilization. “We had such a positive feeling,” said Dana of their first encounter. “It just felt right.” Today the C.’s have their hands full as parents of two-year-old Alexa. Plus Dana, 35, is awaiting the birth of their second child, a boy. “That place is magic,” said Dana. “It has been such an uplifting and amazing experience.”

“That place is magic,” said Dana. “It has been such an uplifting and amazing experience.”

Westchester, NY residents, the C.’s could have chosen a number of fertility centers from the tri-state area. “But I never felt comfortable proceeding with in vitro fertilization until I found Dr. Witt and the staff at the fertility center,” Dana said. “It was a nice change from the commercialized centers I had been to in the past.”

Under Witt’s direction, Dana underwent an egg retrieval procedure. “Two embryos implanted a few days later led to Alexa’s birth,” she explained. “Other embryos were frozen for future use.” The couple decided it was time to expand their family last spring. Dana attributes her success with IVF to Witt’s “aggressive monitoring” and the staff’s personalized attention. “They go out of their way to make it easy – from private, one-on-one medication classes to convenient appointments for blood work and monitoring,” she said. “They hold your hand through the whole process. They are truly wonderful people.”

During her first pregnancy, Dana developed complications. She stayed on bed rest for seven months under the direction of Annette Bond, MD, FACOG, medical director of maternal-fetal medicine at Greenwich Hospital. Despite the challenges, Dana was so pleased with the “level of care and individual attention” she was getting that the couple changed plans and decided the birth would take place at Greenwich Hospital. “The professionalism at the fertility center and Greenwich Hospital was incredible,” agreed Ryan. “I had peace of mind knowing my wife and baby were in good hands.”

Dana is looking forward to giving birth again at Greenwich Hospital in a couple of months. “Alexa is excited about meeting her baby brother!”