Family Building Options

Same Sex Male

Greenwich Fertility is proud to make parenthood a reality for gay couples.  Gay men interested in family building should schedule a physician consultation to discuss treatment options which require involvement of a surrogate or gestational carrier and an egg donor. The team at Greenwich Fertility works with you to ensure that you are comfortable and educated every step of the way. 

Finding a gestational carrier is one of the first steps in the process.  A carrier or surrogate can be found through an agency or a couple may choose to use a known carrier.  Our dedicated “GC” coordinator will help connect you with reputable agencies who will preliminarily find and screen a potential carrier.  Our physicians and psychologist will screen the carrier for medical, reproductive and psychological health as well as infectious diseases.   

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Donor eggs can be found either through an agency or an egg bank.  Some couples may choose to use known donors.  Egg donors are screened for medical and reproductive health, genetic diseases , psychological health and infectious disease.

The partner who chooses to be the genetic father will need to undergo a physical exam, a semen analysis looking for sperm volume, concentration, motility and morphology,  and a series of blood work.

Once the couple is matched to a gestational carrier and an egg donor, embryos are created through the process of In vitro fertilization.  Embryos created may be genetically tested via pre-implantation genetic screening and frozen for subsequent transfer.   Pregnancy can be detected 10-12days after transfer. 

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