Third Party Reproduction

Donor Egg

Is egg donation right for you?

Deciding to move forward with an egg donor may be a very difficult decision to make. This transition may take some time to adjust to before jumping into the donor selection process. Once you have decided to move in this direction, there is no question that when your child or children are born, the focus is not how they were created but how much they are loved.

When you are ready to move forward our skilled nurses and physicians will work closely with you to determine the right program for you.

Known Donors

You may have a sibling or close relative or friend who is willing to donate her eggs to you. Some intended parent(s) prefer to have a genetic link to their child or the bond of a close friend to make the journey seem more personal. Although these donors would need screening like an anonymous egg donor, the FDA guidelines are not required.

Anonymous Donors

With anonymous donation, personal information is not shared between the egg donor and intended parent(s). The egg donor can be chosen through an egg donor agency or through one our partners My Egg Bank or Fairfax Egg BankThe process of choosing your donor is made by viewing profiles that provide you with specific information such as physical characteristics, ethnic background, education, family history, and hobbies.

After you have chosen a donor, we make sure all of her screening is completed before moving forward with a treatment cycle. The screening consists of genetic and infectious disease testing, physical and psychosocial evaluation and a full medical screening/history. All of the testing complies with FDA regulations.

If you would like more information regarding our egg donation program please contact us.