Fertility Treatments

Mind and Body Wellness

The path to parenthood can sometimes take an emotional and physical toll on any parent to be, or partners in a couple. This stress is compounded by feelings that parenthood should come as naturally as possible, but for some reason–in some cases– takes extra effort.

Here, at Greenwich Fertility, we understand and appreciate your individual stresses. Many of us have been through similar stresses in our own path to family building, allowing us to truly understand what you may be going through. Our efforts to reduce stress in our treatment environment are apparent from the first time you speak with the front desk staff to schedule a new patient consult to the happiness and cheer from the nurses and doctors on your last “graduation” ultrasound. We are here for you—every step of the way.

Just as science and technology are important in the path to success, so is emotional and physical health. Through relationships with nutritionists and acupuncturists who specialize in fertility in both Connecticut and Westchester, we are able to connect our patients with convenient, personal and effective avenues with which to address physical and emotional well being.

We also believe that sometimes, talking through stressful situations with an objective party is helpful in gaining perspective and maintaining hope. For this reason, we work closely with local psychologists whose passion is family building. We encourage our patients to be open about their stresses and thoughts as they proceed through treatment.